It is good to know

If you have an allergy, intolerance or a dietary preference (vegetarian/vegan etc) please do let us know. If you are unsure about any of the ingredients in your meal please do speak to us about it.
Our gluten free and vegan options are kept as separate as possible but they pizzas are all cooked in the same oven.

These products are used on site:

  • Eggs (as an ingredient)
  • Sesame (as an ingredient)
  • Dairy (as an ingredient)
  • Tree nuts (within some ingredients used)
  • Peanuts (not on site but some ingredients are made in a premises that also handles peanuts)
  • Fish and crustaceans (not used unless on a special pizza)
  • Soya (within some ingredients used)
  • Gluten containing grains (used, main ingredient)
  • Mustard (within some ingredients for example salad dressing)
  • Celery (not used, some ingredients may come from a premises that handles it)